More than nine years in the market.

The Jofi is a company directed to the field of manufacture of plastic devices and equipment and parts toward dolls, where we stand out manufacturing dolls'eyes, fixed, movable or with eyelashes, with quality products, high technology and innovation.

With infrastructure to serve national and international level projects, JOFI INJEÇÃO DE PLÁSTICO LTDA works with one policy of quality and prioritizes the good attendance and the delivery stated period.

With great capacity of attendance, JOFI counts on modern machines to serve the necessities of each customer, even being, small, average or great size. With agility and quality JOFI has machines of plastic injection and it is specialized in manufacturing doll'eyes, either fixed eye, eye with eyelashes or mobile eye. Beyond having machines of Heaters, machines to place eyes and cutting disks for machines to place hair in dolls, in short JOFI is ready to serve you in the best possible way. Contact us we're glad to serve you.

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20 Abril, 2010

Jofi no Twitter

Começamos a usar o Twitter, agora vc pode conferir nossas ideias e novidades por lá...

26 Maio, 2010

Projetos Personalizados

 Projetos a nível nacional e internacional, a Jofi Injeção de Plástico Ltda, trabalha com uma política de qualidade e prioriza o bom atendimento...